History / Legend


Emperor Friedrich, the father of Maximilian the last knight, resided in Linz from 1493-96. His court consisted mainly from alchemists, astrologists, magicians, etc. It is said that Dr. Johannes Faust, who originally came from Regensburg, was part of this circle.

On the way to Linz, where he let himself float on a boat, a break was made in Landshaag. Dr. Faust loved this place so much that from now on, he wanted to live here. The devil, with whom he was in league, had to built him a castle at the steep slope to the Danube.
Since then, the castle carries his name (already supported by documents anno 1500). Peculiar ghost stories made the house famous for miles around. One of the excellent Danube legends tells about it. 

Later, the castle was inhabited by the toll collector of the Schaumburger. In the land register it appears as house at the "Tachstone", which should mean undoubtedly "Taxstone". A rest of the wall, at which the chain over the Danube was fixed, is still existing.

After a few more aristocratic owner, the house was used as a sanatorium from 1925-1938. From 1938 until 1945, the DAF (German Work Front) occupied the house.

After extensive renovations, the Faustschlössl was opened as a hotel and restaurant in 1966.


Built by the Devil in only one night!

Once upon a time there lived Dr. Faust in the Faust Castle in "Landshaag".
Being in league with the devil, he performed all kinds of sorcery and magic.

Faust sold his soul to the devil under the condition that the devil had to satisfy every wish instantaneously. After a while, Dr. Faust pondered about even more extensive and difficult tasks for the devil to outsmart him this way.  

One day, Dr. Faust wanted to play bowling on the Danube river. Therefore, the devil had to construct a bowling alley on the river. However, once the first game was carried out Faust ordered to dismantle the bowling alley immediately.

Some other time, the devil got the order to construct a new bridge whensoever Faust wanted to cross the river getting to Aschach. This bridge had to be finished before the galloping horse reached the bridge and removed again immediately after Faust had crossed the river.
Because the devil polished off this assignment with ease, Faust ordered to construct a paved road from Aschach to Neuhaus within minutes. But even this task was solved very well by the devil. So the days went by, and finally the deadline for Dr. Faust expired and his last night had begun.
In the Faust castle, it bustled until midnight. Then, everybody could hear a terrible noise and people of the village saw the devil flying away with Dr. Faust. On the top of a hill, the devil ripped apart Dr. Faust! Since then, nobody has heard or has seen anything from both of them.
But there is still a hole in the castle, where they broke through the wall, which could not be bricked up until today.

If you want to see the famous devil's hole, ask one of our staff members and they will show it to you.

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